Refrigerator slide rack



The invention discloses a sliding rack for a refrigerator, in particular to a split sliding rack structure, which comprises a supporting frame which is horizontally arranged on the rear wall of the freezing chamber of the refrigerator. The supporting frame is provided with at least two metallic frames with a distance, and an external frame is fixedly connected between two metallic frames of the supporting frame; more than two segments of slide-way parts taking a shape of a broken line are arranged at two internal sides of the external frame opposite to each other and an internal frame which slides along the slide-way part taking a shape of a broken line is arranged between two internal sides of the external frame opposite to each other. When the invention is normally used, the internal frame is pulled and extracted upwards from the bottom of the external frame and a front clamping jaw and a rear clamping jaw on the internal frame lie on the slide-way parts of the external frame; wherein, the front clamping jaw lies in a positioning slot on the slide-way to conduct the check. When the lower space needs to be increased, the internal frame is lifted upwards and then moved backwards, and a check bar arranged on the supporting frame plays the action of stopping the retreat.




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