Yarn cold rolling batch-dying process


  • Inventors: YANG LIXIN
  • Assignees: 杨立新
  • Publication Date: April 07, 2010
  • Publication Number: CN-101187116-B


The invention relates to the yarn dyeing technique field, in particular to a yarn cold rolling batch dyeing process, which is totally different from the intermittent dipping and dyeing process and adopts a process of cold rolling batch dyeing, wherein the process comprises plate rolling, yarn dipping and rolling, soap washing and drying. The invention has the advantages in that due to the new process, nearly no waste water is produced during the dyeing and the material is environment friendly; the dyeing process is in a normal temperature and saves the energy; the process has simple process with low technical difficulty and is easy for operation; the process adopts new auxiliary agent with good dyeing stability; the yarn dyeing device can be manufactured in match with small investment.




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