Method and system for obtaining full focal distance image without optical aberration



The invention relates to a full-focus non-aberration image shooting method and system. With the method and system and based on the conditions and imaging principle of linear space, the lens in camera shooting apparatus can acquire degraded image data for images in camera; then, image partition can divide non-blend single object distance regions of single object distance according to the object distance, mix blend regions in a plurality of object distances, and moreover, perform full-focus non-aberration reconstruction, correction and overlapping into one plane for the non-blend single object distance regions and blend region belts; then, full visual field sharp digital images can be gained as well as object distance of all points in the visual field. Since the method and system utilize and realizes the full-focus non-aberration image shooting, the theoretic definition of the captured images can reach the level of complete consistence with that of plane images through optical system focusing, so that the overall images can provide full visual field and full-focus non-aberration sharp images and gain the maximum information volume.




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