A processing method for alleviating Galvanic corrosion of PCB board



The invention discloses a processing method for reducing a galvanic corrosion degree of a PCB board, comprising: analyzing and finding a network in which a galvanic corrosion effect is generated after designing a PCB board principle figure, and then increasing the area of an organic coating process OSP disk in the network. Because when the area proportion of an ENIG disk and the OSP disk in the same network is larger than 200, the galvanic corrosion effect is easy to generate, the invention uses a method of adding an OSP-processed device or an OSP-processed copper sheet in the network in which the galvanic corrosion effect is easy to generate so as to increase the area of the OSP disk, thereby effectively reducing the galvanic corrosion degree, improving the PCB yield, having simple operation without effecting other portions of the produced PCB.




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