Biological preparation with multiple target sites and use thereof



The present invention discloses a multi-target biological agent and the use thereof. The multi-target biological agent according to the invention contains a complex elicitor and a natural bactericidal substance, wherein the complex elicitor is the composition of shell polysaccharide, acetylsalicylic acid, riboflavin and water-soluble cellulose. The natural bactericidal substance is the composition of sodium benzoate and lemon acid. The pesticide comprises following components, by weight, 30-100 parts of water, 1-8 parts of shell polysaccharide; 0.1-2 parts of acetylsalicylic acid; 0.1-2 partsof riboflavin; 0.1-1 parts of water soluble cellulose; 0.1-2 parts of sodium benzoate; and 0.1-2 parts of lemon acid. The multi-target biological agent provided by the invention has the advantages ofstable capability, broad spectrum and low cost.




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