Rotation control device, rotation control method, and construction machine



A control device (50) for an electrically rotated shovel, in which a rotation speed factor is created according the condition set by a fuel dial (13) or the condition selected by a mode change switch(14), and the magnitude of a target speed command value is varied to vary the rotation speed of a rotating body (4). As a result, when the speed of an engine is reduced by operation of the fuel dial (13) or the mode change switch (14), the rotation speed of the rotating body (4) can be reduced accordingly, and when the engine speed is increased, the rotation speed can be increased. This can provide drive comfort almost similar to that obtained when the rotating body (4) is rotated by an ordinary hydraulic system. As a consequence, even if a user changes a shovel from a conventional hydraulic shovel to this electrically rotated shovel, the user does not have a strange feeling.




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